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Kyle House

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Kyle House - A retreat in the Scottish Highlands

Kyle House, a renovated stone house, is part of WildLand, an ambitious landscape-scale conservation effort with the aim of restoring, protecting and enhancing thousands of wild land acres across the Scottish Highlands.
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Perhaps there were easier ways to turn a derelict house into a holiday cottage. But Kyle was never intended as such. Sitting in solitude in the hills, the house is a place to retreat and contemplate - to take life at your own pace. The intention of the home's design is to reflect that yearning for peace. Natural materials from the landscape set the tone. Flexible oak-lined walls and an open plan surround the carefully selected elements.

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The home's mid-century modern style is echoed in the wooden and metallic crafted details. The oak kitchen is equipped with our browned brass SP fixture, built within the wall and mounted on a browned brass plate, creating a subtle focal point. The natural surfaces are well-balanced in hues of brown, creating contrast and synergy at the same time.

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Walking through the front door, you’ll find a kitchen fashioned from Danish oak and a living space full of design treasures. The home hosts outstanding views over the landscape. Beside the log burning stove in the living room, guests will find a large window with a reading nook overlooking the Kyle of Tongue - following the water right out to the sea. Sitting at the kitchen table, on the other side of the cottage, you can sip your morning coffee with a view over Ben Loyal, a dramatic twin-peaked mountain often dubbed ‘The Queen of the Highlands’. Upstairs is no different, with uninterrupted views from the deep, inviting bathtub.