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Sofiebadet – The breath of history packed with wellness

Let yourself be seduced by a bygone era. At Christianshavn's bathhouse, Sofiebadet, guests are embraced by the arms of history as they enter the site's beautifully preserved premises in Christianhavn's Sofiegade 15. Since 1909, this address has housed one of Copenhagen's most iconic bathing establishments. Today, Sofiebadet is Copenhagen's only remaining bathhouse with a focus on wellness and well-being in the high-ceilinged rooms, which exude stories from times long past.
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Sofiebadet describes itself as a 'working museum', where history intertwines with modern wellness experiences including a spa with sauna, a steam room, as well as hammam and massage treatments. It is still possible to visit Sofiebadet to simply shower, book a hot tub or enjoy a facial and glass of wine while relaxing in the beautiful porcelain bathtubs.
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Guests praise Sofiebadet for its delicate balance of tranquillity and well-being, and calming atmosphere that allows your pulse to slow the moment you enter the beautiful establishment. Allow your gaze to linger on the intricate details, taking in the original terrazzo floors, beautiful marble surfaces and solid, brass details, created to withstand the test of time and outlive generations.
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It is in this same quiet moment that visitors to the site find TONI Copenhagen's fingerprints on these historic premises. It is in the characterful Christiansborg fitting which—in itself, contains more than 100 years of history—that adorns the showers and bathtubs in Sofiebadet's charming baths. With its honest and poetic expression, the fittings’ recognizable, five-pronged handwheel blends naturally into the atmosphere of the surroundings and demurely highlights Sofiebadet's love of well-being, quality and history.