DÉCA-kollektionen er kulminationen på et unikt samarbejde mellem TONI Copenhagen og BIG architects. Lanceres i efteråret 2024.

Outdoor Living

Oplev essensen af 'outdoor living' denne sommer med en udendørsbruser i messing, designet og produceret i Danmark.

The Michelin Chef

Nicolai Nørregaard, recognized Michelin chef and co-owner of restaurant Kadeau, talks about who taught him to cook, why he does it and what joy he finds in being a host.

Aging with grace

We had the pleasure of visiting architect Jens Ladegaard in his beautiful residence on the coastline of Tisvilde in Northern Zealand. ⁠During our visit, he warmly shared his experience of growing up with classic design, his view of current consumerism, and his fascination with pieces that age with grace. ⁠
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Forged Classics

TONI Copenhagen was created by its history, and now we create it ourselves. The heritage and love of craftsmanship and quality is unchanged, and we therefore allow ourselves to believe that our products have a special justification and add value to a world of design where true luxury is what exists.
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A historic landmark, exquisite above all. With its historic setting, the place has become a true landmark for Denmark, and is connected by Danish and international guests with luxury beyond the usual.