Rosette Ø65mm x hole Ø30mm

Roset Ø65mm x hul Ø30mm-TONI Copenhagen Roset Ø65mm x hul Ø30mm-TONI Copenhagen

Rosette Ø65mm x hole Ø30mm

Spare parts

All TONI Copenhagen products are produced in solid brass, regardless of the surface finish. The majority of the components are produced locally in Denmark and assembled and processed by hand at the factory in Frederiksberg. The hand-polished brass is a living material and will change over time according to use. You can always easily polish your TONI Copenhagen fixture with Brasso if you want a shiny new look. Products with a treated surface are stable in their appearance and thus cannot be polished. The Danish groundwater is very calcareous, and we therefore recommend that you have your fitting serviced every 5 years by an authorized plumber.

Please clean your TONI Copenhagen product with warm soapy water and never use acidic cleaning agents, steel wool or scouring pads for cleaning.

You are always very welcome to visit us or call (+45 36 70 14 22) if you have any questions.

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