Kappo Andō

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En årelang drøm bliver til virkelighed

Born of a decade-long dream, Kappo Ando opened its doors in Winter 2022. Set in Copenhagen's Østerbro neighbourhood, the eatery is the brainchild of master sake sommelier, Henrik Ando Levinsen, his wife—Chef Akiko Ando Levinsen, and Chef Mads Battefeld Hansen of Sushi Anaba.

TONI Copenhagen's Heritage Collection and classic Christiansborg tap are found in the restaurant's bathroom, while the Elements Collection is a central highlight of the countertop dining area. The bar features Elements taps in brass, which instantly deliver both filtered and boiling water at a touch.

Ando offers a more laid back approach to traditional Japanese kaiseki dining, without compromising on artistry or tradition. Here, diners are invited to experience a wide variety of authentic culinary techniques and flavours, masterfully prepared by a team of Japanese chefs. The menu demonstrates a strong emphasis on fresh, local ingredients and seafood, in addition to first-class sake and wine offerings curated by Levinsen himself.


Images: Mikkel Adsbøl
Location: Kappo Ando
For press inquiries: jtm@toni.dk