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Dragsholm Castle

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The gate to Odsherred

Just an hour from the vibrant city of Copenhagen and Aarhus, amidst green fields and the serenity of Danish nature, lies the idyllic Dragsholm Castle.

For more than 800 years, this historic place has born witness to countless wars and hosted both prisoners and nobility.

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Nowadays, guests can immerse themselves in tranquility and enjoy the majestic castle as a hotel experience, in addition to it’s renowned culinary offerings. Aesthetics and history go hand-in-hand in these unique surroundings, where visitors have the chance to pamper themselves with a hot shower under the classic Christiansborg series in one of several baroque-inspired rooms.

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Like many other historic castles in Denmark, Dragsholm Castle features our Christiansborg fixtures in brass. The beautiful and naturally occuring patina tells the tale of many centuries of inherent history.
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Beneath whitewashed vaults and open flames from the fireplace, a Michelin experience can be found in the castle's basement. A space which aesthetically embodies the roots of the historic castle.

A more modern atmosphere can be enjoyed in one of Dragsholm's newer restaurants, where finesse, nature and local ingredients create coherence for not only the food, but also the decor in the restaurants.

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Rooted in traditional craftsmanship, the philosophy of the kitchen stems from the use of herbs from the castle's nearby garden, as well as local seasonal vegetables from Lammefjorden and the surrounding forest, fields and seaside.

Photos by Marie Louise Munkegaard.