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Villa Otte

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Villa Otte

On a quiet road in Hellerup just outside of Copenhagen, you’ll discover Villa Otte, an elegant red brick villa from 1816. Respectfully decorated in line with the buildings’ style and vision, owners Gertrud and Jens Koefoed have renovated the beautiful villa, thereby creating a home for them and their twins.
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In the midst of natural elements and long-lasting materials, such as marble and brass, it becomes clear that the interior design is created with serenity and functionality in mind. The kitchen acts as the core of the home, a room in which the family gathers with friends and family, and a space that welcomes fun, play and creativity around the grand dining table. All redundant detail has been removed and even the fridge has been tucked away in drawers under the beautiful heavy table top in solid dark marble, all to create spaciousness and peace. The Christiansborg fixture in brass acts as a contrasting element to the dark stone, and it’s patination which only grows in presence gives the impression of an element that belongs to the history of the house.
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Brass and limestone compliment each other beautifully in the family's timeless bathroom, where the golden tones from the brass are also found in the beautiful type of stone that forms the frame for both tabletop and sink in one. 

In line with the vision for the house, the Christiansborg series continues in this room, where the brass is so elegantly combined with simple shapes and clean lines that create a special calm for contemplation and well-being.