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Gent, Belgium

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In an old Belgian mansion built between 1775 and 1800, interior designer Isabel Soonen has designed and renovated her unique home with great respect for the house's old elements and breathtaking details.

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Under rustic wooden booms, the bathroom is located as part of the parent couple's floor with bedroom and wardrobe. The antique steel bathtub was originally part of the house, but has been moved from the first to the second floor during the renovation. 

Here, the heavy bathtub rests on solid lion feet in solid brass, which is repeated in the wall-mounted Christiansborg fixture, which in addition to its function contributes to the room's sense of old craftsmanship.

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Behind an architecturally designed arch lies the shower room, which also serves as the family's steam room. On the wall hangs a built-in Christiansborg fixture in brass, and functions as a discreet and timeless design and breaks the space.

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Solid planks are assembled into a table top, on which a white porcelain sink is placed, creating a contrast to the dark and rustic wood. 

The Christiansborg series continues as a wall-mounted fixture and the brass creates a connection between the old and new materials, which creates a refined look.

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In the style of the palace spirit, the kitchen is created from the old materials that are part of the house. 

The interior designer chose to reuse the old tiles from the kitchen, and the sink has been recycled from the property's old garden house. The kitchen cabinets are made of dark pine, a type of wood that is often part of the older mansions in the city, and stands in contrast to the patterned antique tiles that create a homely and rural look.

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Above the solid white marble table top, hangs the Christiansborg fixture in brass, and blends into the old elements, as if it had always been part of the palace's Belgian history.

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